Product Showcase

  1. BlueArc Intelligent Tiered Storage
    Performance has always come at a steep cost in the world of enterprise storage, with flexibility often taking a back seat when it comes to IT purchasing decisions.
  2. BlueArc Titan Network Storage System
    BlueArc's Titan 3000 Series is the next generation of intelligent platforms for file services designed to meet the requirements of today's sophisticated enterprise data centers and high performance applications with new levels of storage performance, scalability and reliability.
  3. Asigra Hybrid Cloud Backup And Recovery Software Version 9.0 Software Overview
    Unprecedented data growth is challenging companies of all sizes, placing increasing pressure on their backup and recovery initiatives. With mounting pressure to comply with regulatory requirements and improve disaster recovery practices, companies are experiencing dissatisfaction with traditional backup methods that are falling short regarding efficiency, reliability, and ease of use.
  4. Automated Paperless Notifications Solution For Healthcare
    Save hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars with ColdSpark’s Paperless Notifications Solution.
  5. ATM Transaction Notifications
    Gain competitive advantage – leverage ATM transactions for powerful, cost-effective marketing.
  6. Outbound Email Delivery
    ColdSpark's solutions provide an integrated platform for high-performance, outbound email delivery.
  7. Global Compliance
    Centralize management of all archiving policies to ensure compliance requirements are achieved.
  8. Integration
    ColdSpark delivers unified message management and the most powerful email security architecture.
  9. Email Automation Platform
    ColdSpark provides the industry's most powerful and robust platform for enterprise email automation.
  10. NetVault®: SmartDisk™
    NetVault: SmartDisk takes disk-based backup and data deduplication to new levels of cost savings with a state of the art capability to squeeze more data on disk while driving expenses down further by not requiring specific types of storage drives or appliances.