Feature Articles

  1. A Roadmap to High-Value Cloud Infrastructure: Data Storage Expansion

    As discussed in our prior installment, while there is no “one-size fits all” path to cloud infrastructure adoption, a roadmap can ease and simplify the transition to cloud while minimizing IT disruption. More importantly, a phased approach (as shown in the figure below) enables organizations to take advantage of on-demand infrastructure sooner than later, leveraging scalability, cost advantages and rapid deployment capabilities of cloud.

  2. The Business Case For Cloud Backup For SMBs

    Data protection and disaster recovery are more important than ever, especially for small to midsized businesses (SMBs), which are reliant on access to their data and applications. Even a few hours of downtime can significantly impact productivity, sales, customer confidence and reputation.

  3. Leaving Nothing To Chance: How Backup And Recovery Bolsters Managed Services Offerings

    Like it or not, data loss is a cost of doing business. Whether as a result of unintentional or malicious action, the typical business at some point loses data.

  4. Winning Data Recovery Strategy Pays Off For Niemann Capital Management

    In the past, if NCM were to lose a site, the best it could hope for was to get back online in two days. It would then take another 12 days to get everything running at full capacity, and that just wasn’t acceptable. The goal was to find a solution with the recovery capabilities needed, within the parameters NCM had to work with.

  5. Is VDI Relevant To Data Protection? The Answer Is Unequivocally 'Yes'

    I tell people all the time that data protection isn’t really just about backup. It’s about restores and how quickly you can get access to your backed up data in the event of data loss. However, in some parts of the IT infrastructure, getting a backup in the first place is a struggle. And not one admins can win. By Jean-Paul Bergeaux, CTO, SwishData

  6. Cerner And IBM Send Industry Message That Nirvanix Is How Enterprise Cloud Storage Will Be Done
    Anyone who still doubts that Nirvanix is poised to deliver the same type of solution for cloud storage that VMware already delivers for cloud computing got a serious wake-up call this past week. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  7. The Choice Of Inline Versus Post-Process Deduplication And How It Affects Business Objectives
    In the last year or so a number of articles and blogs have appeared on the topic of inline and post-processing deduplication in an attempt to answer the question, "What is the best approach for deduplicating data during disk-based backup?" Unfortunately what these pieces fail to quantify is, "What objectives are enterprise organizations looking to accomplish with disk-based backup and recovery?" The problem this creates is that without first establishing these objectives, it makes it very difficult to arrive at any sort of meaningful conclusion about how to best proceed with deduplication. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  8. Why Nirvanix Is Poised To Become The Next VMware
    Back in 2003 hardly anyone had heard of a small but rapidly growing technology company called VMware. But since that time VMware literally exploded to become the dominant player in enterprise server virtualization. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  9. Unleashing The SAN In Your IP Network™
    Computer storage holds the lifeblood of today’s economy. From movies, music, books, and classroom materials to corporate, personal, and financial data of all sorts — everything is being stored digitally. For this reason, the information and the knowledge derived from today’s Internet-reliant world have become the core elements by which our society increases its productivity.
  10. InMage Enables Successful, Seamless Large-Scale Data Migration Project
    Applied Discovery is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with its main data center located in south Seattle.