Contributed Editorial

  1. Guest Column: How SSDs Can Be Leveraged To Deliver Inline Deduplication For Primary Storage
    In late January 2010 someone posted a comment in response to a blog that I wrote in the October 2009 time frame. This individual was questioning the value that an inline deduplication solution like the Exar Hifn BitWackr DR1605 provides since most of the performance bottleneck associated with deduplication is primarily in the disk I/O. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  2. Guest Column: Staying Afloat In The Sea Of Data: Managing Your Information Risk
    Corporations are drowning in data. Twenty-five years ago, individual computer storage was measured in thousands of bytes; 15 years ago, in millions; 5 years ago, in billions; today, in trillions. By Bob Tennant, CEO of Recommind
  3. Guest Column: RAID Is Certainly Not Dead But Its Future Looks Small
    The month of October saw a sizeable uptick in the readership of a blog entry that appeared nearly two years ago on DCIG's website on the topic of data loss on SATA storage systems. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  4. Guest Column: The Real End Game Of Virtualization Is Automated IT Operations
    In conversations that I have with other analysts, end users and vendors, it seems to me that many are either missing the point or failing to grasp what the end game of virtualization is. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  5. Guest Column: As 2011 Nears A Transformation In Backup Awaits
    The combination of cloud computing, cloud storage, inexpensive hardware, virtualization and heightened user demands for near real time backup and recovery are creating a crisis in traditional backup methodologies. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  6. Guest Column: How Deduplication Helps Reduce The Cost Of Backup And Disaster Recovery
    Today’s explosive data growth is prompting many organizations to look for ways to increase the efficiency of their storage, backup, and disaster recovery processes. The growth of data is straining capacity, but at the same time, cost and complexity frustrate many IT managers seeking to make improvements. By Kay Benaroch and Shane Jackson
  7. Guest Column: The Dominoes Are Being Set Up To Fall In Favor Of One Enterprise Storage Cloud Provider
    There is a growing body of evidence that indicates it is no longer a question of "If" enterprises will adopt cloud storage infrastructure but a matter of "When". However pinpointing exactly when enterprise organizations will begin their broad adoption of public storage clouds is still difficult to ascertain. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  8. Guest Column: EMC Is Looking Up And Finding Itself In The Shadow Of NetApp's Cloud
    It has been rumored that EMC's CEO Joe Tucci has said that EMC's biggest threat comes not from Dell, HDS, HP or IBM but NetApp. It is for that reason that EMC has been looking over its shoulder for some time to see what NetApp is up to in an attempt to stay one step ahead of it from a technology perspective. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  9. Guest Column: Non-Disruptive Qualification Of Production Software Fixes, Patches And Upgrades Now A Possibility
    Software fixes, patches and upgrades on production systems are a persistent, nagging challenge in today's production environments. Vendors frequently promise that by simply installing the latest revision of their code, many current issues that an application is experiencing will be resolved. By Jerome M Wendt, Lead Analyst and President, DCIG Inc.
  10. Article: Designing For Hyperscale Computing
    For many organizations building hyperscale IT infrastructures, their data centers are their factories in Web 2.0, online gaming, search engine, and high-performance computing (HPC) environments. By Steven Croce, Brandon Draeger, and Buck Avey