News | August 22, 2008

VMware Backup Made Easy With Idealstor Removable Disk Backup

Source: Idealstor LLC

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Idealstor Certifies Removable Disk Backup Appliances for use with VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB)

Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of removable disk to disk backup solutions, today announced interoperability between its removable disk backup appliances and VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB). When used in combination with the Idealstor Backup Appliance, VCB enables companies to easily and affordably backup virtual servers by sending VCB backups straight to Idealstor's removable SATA disk technology which can then be used in place of tape for backup and offsite storage.

VCB solves one of the biggest hurdles that backup administrators face when implementing a VMware virtual environment by providing a built in utility that quickly backs up virtual servers without using up valuable system resources or having to purchase expensive backup agents to backup each VM. A dedicated Windows 2003 proxy server or backup server is required to run VCB in addition to some form of removable backup media to provide offsite storage. This poses a problem for backup administrators because this adds two additional components – 2003 Server and backup system - to what can be an already costly and complex VMware installation.

Because the Idealstor Backup Appliance comes pre-configured with Windows 2003 Server it is an ideal solution for running VCB. VCB can be installed directly on the Idealstor Backup Appliance and the backup jobs can be sent straight to the Idealstor removable SATA drives. These disks can then be used for local storage or removed for offsite backup like a tape. The benefit to a backup administrator is that this one device takes the place of a dedicated 2003 VCB proxy server and tape library and drastically reduces the cost of implementing a VMware backup strategy.

"We provide the best of disk and tape by using SATA disks as ejectable backup media for offsite storage", says Ben Ginster, channel marketing manager at Idealstor. "We have many clients that are using VMware and nearly all of them were confused as to the best way to backup their virtual servers. VCB is a great tool but having to add another 2003 Server and backup solution into the mix made implementing VMware even more costly and complex. Now that we have certified and are supporting VCB our existing clients and future customers can be assured that Idealstor will work in their VMware environment and using our Backup Appliances as their proxy server and offsite backup solution will enable them to save them both money and time when setting up VMware."

About Idealstor
Idealstor manufactures removable/ejectable disk backup systems that are designed to augment or completely replace tape as backup and offsite storage media. The Idealstor Backup Appliance has been on the market for over 5 years offering a fast, reliable and portable alternative to tape based backup systems. Each Idealstor system uses industry standard SATA disk as the target for backup data and as offsite media. Systems range from 1 removable drive up to 8 and can be used by a range of businesses from SMB to corporate data centers. Disk capacities mirror that of the major SATA manufacturers. Uncompressed capacities of 120GB, 200GB, 300GB, 400GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB are currently available.

SOURCE: Idealstor LLC

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Fact Sheet: Ejectable Disk Backup