Article | July 8, 2019

6 Things That Take Test Management To The Next Level

By Ray Parker

Computer Technology

Software testing companies emphasize on quality and speed due to the current software release requirements. Although software testing has improved over time, testers are still seeking ways to achieve quality products. Companies are investing in test management tools that can improve software testing and aid testing experts in improving quality.

To deliver high quality with speed, enterprises require test management tools. But the main point of concern is how does a test management tool help software testers and what can take test management to the next level? Let’s discuss 6 things that can impact test management and its tools:

1. Viewing all testing projects at a single platform

A modern test management system supports test management tools that align all departments and teams into a single system. All the test activities can be viewed at a single platform. Most of the applications require moving from one database to another or make changes independently. However, this is a feature that can make a test management tool different from other tools as it makes life easier for testers. Testing experts can log-in to a single system and perform all testing activities in a single place during the complete software development process.

2. Integration with other tools

Usually, software testers work with different software testing tools and test case management tools. This is where testers need an effective tool that has open APIs and enables integration with the existing tools. A next-generation management tool allows testers to view all progress of test cases in the system. It should also be integrated with any software testing tools that are used during production.

3. Allowing instant communication

Stakeholders working on the same project, require to communicate regarding test cases now and then. An efficient tool allows communication regarding software updates and allows testers to freely communicate with developers for decision making.

4. Easy migration

When talking about a next-generation test management tool, it is designed to allow easy migration of data from other sources like e-mails, excel sheets, etc. This makes test management easier and testers can easily handle different test scripts.

5. IT support

A good test management tool provides exceptional speed for supporting the IT structure and providing stable IT systems for efficient software testing.

6. Support during the complete software development process

An ideal test management tool should be able to support the software development process. It should integrate with different tools that help manage end-to-end support during the process and also ensure software quality.


Test management tools are expensive and involve dealing with different databases to ensure timely software delivery. Modern tools have all the capabilities that make software testing easier with a lot more on the plate for the software testers. The above discussion on things that can make a test management tool the next generation can be a breakthrough for many software testing companies.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and travel. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.