Guest Column | April 30, 2013

The Business Case For Cloud Backup For SMBs

Tim Hannibal VaultLogix

By Tim Hannibal, founder and CEO, VaultLogix

Data protection and disaster recovery are more important than ever, especially for small to midsized businesses (SMBs), which are reliant on access to their data and applications. Even a few hours of downtime can significantly impact productivity, sales, customer confidence and reputation.

With natural disasters, cybercrime and other data threats on the rise and in the news, more and more SMBs are recognizing that comprehensive data protection is not optional—it is a necessity. Data loss and downtime are not just costly, but can threaten an SMB’s ability to maintain operations.

SMB Data Protection Essentials

Every SMB needs a data protection plan that supports both backup/recovery and disaster recovery, while balancing risk and cost. Different businesses have different data protection needs, and data itself also varies in terms of its criticality to business operations, regulatory compliance and legal electronic discovery mandates.

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