News | February 28, 2020

Supermicro Boosts X11 System Performance By 36%* With New 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

The support of all new processors on over 100 systems increases the level of cores, frequency and cache by increasing the price-performance ratio by 36% and lowering the cost of the processors by 61% compared to equivalent offers with the same performance *

San Jose, CA /PRNewswire/ - Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMCI ), a world leader in computing, storage and network solutions and environmentally friendly computing technologies, announced today Full and optimized compatibility of the entire X11 server and storage portfolio with second generation Intel Xeon scalable processors. The announcement accompanies Intel's launch of new processors today.

Supermicro has optimized X11 servers and storage systems to take full advantage of the performance benefits of the brand new second generation Intel Xeon scalable processors (codenamed Cascade Lake-R or CLX-R), capable of exceptional features including AI acceleration integrated with Intel Deep Learning Boost and Intel Optane persistent memory support. Supermicro's advanced thermal management and power supply design allow new processors to realize the full potential of the most complete server system battery on the market.

"Supermicro has always offered customers access to technological innovations in record time to help them increase performance and improve TCO thanks to superior performance achieved at the same price," said Charles Liang , President and CEO of Supermicro . "Our product line is the most environmentally friendly and powerful in the industry and takes full advantage of the Intel Xeon second generation scalable processors to provide 36% more power at the same price or 61% less costs for the same performance compared to the current offer *. "

The complete system portfolio includes Ultra, BigTwin , SuperBlade® solutions, GPU systems, workstations, as well as various offers for new processors that include frequency expansion, multiple cores and / or cache configurations to optimize performance and quality, for most of them at the most quoted selling prices. Once the new processors are installed, the existing Supermicro X11 platforms will offer superior performance at equal, if not lower, prices than the existing models.

"Systems equipped with second generation Intel Xeon scalable processors deliver the performance, functionality and innovation that can speed up AI applications and information on computing, storage and network workloads," said Lisa Spelman , Vice President and General Xeon Manager and Intel Memory Group. "Supermicro's platforms will help customers take advantage of all the performance and quality benefits of the brand new scalable Xeon processors."

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* Data based on internal benchmarking tests performed on Supermicro X11 platforms.

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