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StorONE, An Enterprise-Class Storage Data Platform, Announced A Revolutionary Program For Managed Service Providers, StorMSP


StorONE, an Enterprise-Class Storage Data Platform, announced a new program for Managed Service Providers, StorMSP. Qualified MSPs will now be able to take advantage of a program designed to help them improve their bottom line through the most simple, profitable, and flexible storage services program.

StorMSP is a revolutionary new way for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide their customers with a complete suite of automated storage management on one platform. This three-tiered program offers the lowest investment to get started with financing options available.

Now, MSPs can offer a complete suite of automated storage management services on a storage data platform that runs multiple use-cases. MSPs will be able to sign-up for the program to deploy StorONE software on a number of hardware configurations, and if need-be, they can elect to have needed hardware investments underwritten with StorONE’s financial partner. StorMSP includes premium support at all subscription levels.

“According to a 2021 Evaluator Group survey of 249 decision-makers, more than 30 percent of customers want to do storage consolidation, pay-as-you-go approaches to storage, and have a predictable view of storage capacity,” said Gal Naor, CEO of StorONE. “MSPs can leverage StorONE to target high value and high growth service offerings focused on storage infrastructure as a service, using our innovative technologies to address a number of customer use cases that will allow MSPs to expand current customer relations and build new ones.”

Predictable OPEX costs and Flexible Storage as a Service Deployment Options

A cornerstone of the program will be MSPs’ ability to finance their hardware and software investments. MSPs will be able to quickly deploy a pre-configured platform with a managed approach to OPEX costs that will enable revenue growth over a multi-year period. MSP customers will have the ability to defer the start of their StorONE subscription payment based on the program tier they elect to participate in.

A Multi-Tier Program That Includes Premium Support Services

StorONE’ Provide ONE Managed Services Program offers a three-tier program for MSPs: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver tier is meant for MSPs launching an entry-level service for small enterprise customers; the Gold and Platinum tiers focus on more complex and larger footprint storage services. Each tier has capacity targets and solution packaging that is easy to understand that will allow MSPs to choose the best approach to deployment. Benefits include co-marketing, technical support, an online portal, training programs, and capacity pricing.

“We need a platform that allows our team the ability to monitor storage services easily and quickly, and to support multiple different protocols in a single instance is a huge advantage for us in terms of reducing OPEX costs to manage storage for customers,” said Ryan Erwin, CEO of Accessium Group Inc. “StorONE’s new MSP program offers us flexibility to rollout new storage services for our healthcare clients that provide very attractive margins for our business.”

About StorONE’s Enterprise-Class Storage Data Platform

With StorONE’s powerful enterprise-class storage data platform, MSPs can offer storage services that tackle a broad range of use cases that address customers' needs for storage services. This includes leveraging a single platform to manage block, and file and object storage services for customers using a flexible approach that also delivers to MSPs the ability to focus on profitability, pay-as-you-go, and simplicity.

MSPs can leverage StorONE’s technology to create differentiated services across a wide range of client use cases, including backup as a service as a backup target, disaster recovery, archive, hybrid application use cases, Ransomware recovery, Network Attached Storage, and High-Performance Computing (HPC)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases. Key StorONE technologies include a cacheless architecture, StorONE’s Virtual Storage Containers™, vRAID, Optimized Data Placement, and vSnap differentiated snapshots.

The StorONE MSP program opens new possibilities for service providers to enhance their service offerings and deliver top-notch storage solutions to their customers. By joining forces with StorONE, MSPs can unlock the true potential of their storage services, providing a seamless and scalable experience to their clients in today's dynamic and data-driven world.


About StorONE

StorONE, an enterprise-class storage data platform completes data center virtualization in the same way software-defined networking and hypervisors have transformed networks and servers. The StorONE Platform removes the impact of refreshes and migrations, can run all protocols, and has abstracted the hardware from the software through our cloud-ready Virtual Storage Container™.

StorONE gives businesses the most flexible data-mobility, efficient, and cost-effective storage on the market, all managed in one place, bridging the gap between today's technology environment and tomorrow's advanced data economy.

With over 50 patents awarded in its first eight years of deep technical development, StorONE is completely changing the storage industry.

StorONE is headquartered in New York, with offices in Texas, Tel Aviv, and Singapore. Additional information about StorONE is available at or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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