News | November 20, 2007

StorageSwitch Enables Open Access To Object Storage From Sun Microsystems

StorageSwitch recently announced the release of its StorageSwitch File System Gateway (StorageSwitch) for the Sun StorageTek 5800 System, enabling a new generation of storage with open access to existing protocols. StorageSwitch technology, along with the new storage system from Sun, helps facilitate customer storage of fixed content data through standard protocols.

The StorageSwitch provides a ‘synthetic file system' in front of the StorageTek 5800 System, which normally requires an application be programmatically ported to take advantage of its object oriented architecture. The StorageSwitch presents clients with a standard (CIFS, NFS, FTP and WebDAV) interface so that fixed content applications can immediately make use of the advanced storage platform from Sun without recoding.

The StorageSwitch gateway architecture enables high-availability, scalability, and performance, supporting critical customer requirements for access to files. StorageSwitch keeps data accessible with sub-second failovers – transparent to their network clients. Tested to over a billion files in a single multi-protocol mount point, StorageSwitch supports even the most demanding file system environments.

"StorageSwitch understands the fixed content within the enterprise market better than any partner we've seen," said Gail Truman, senior product manager for the StorageTek 5800 system, Sun Microsystems. "Their understanding of customer requirements, and the integration they provide to the StorageTek 5800 system, enable customers to make full use of the advanced capabilities of our object storage without having to code to an API."

John Takita, business manager for StorageSwitchs' distributor –ITOCHU, stated that "We've been working with StorageSwitch for nearly 6 years. Their product is robust, scalable and flexible. We've placed it in many of our large customers, who have deployed it for large scale, enterprise class compliant storage."

StorageSwitch CEO Clark Hodge is enthusiastic over the release.
"Fixed content storage is one of the hottest markets in storage today. It encompasses archive, compliance, governance, information lifecycle management (ILM), and long term data preservation. This variety of applications forces the vendors to provide stronger platforms for data storage, protection, integrity and authenticity. Sun has a clear vision of what the future of storage is and the StorageTek 5800 is a solid step forward. The StorageSwitch is an enabler – so that customers can take full advantage of the facilities within the StorageTek 5800 without the requirement for a custom integration."

Teamed with the StorageTek 5800, StorageSwitch provides customers with a solid platform for their digital assets.

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SOURCE: StorageSwitch