News | September 27, 2007

Storage Management: StorMagic Announces Easy-To-Use Storage Management Solution For Small And Medium Organizations

StorMagic, a fast-growing developer of storage management software, recently announced the StorMagic SM Series, an iSCSI-based Storage Area Network (SAN) solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs). This highly reliable software allows organizations with limited StorMagic SM Seriesand growing data storage demands to store, share, manage, and protect data through a single, easy-to-use interface. Primary storage functions such as data migration, consolidation, and management are now accessible to SMBs at an a ffordable price, without compromising on performance and without the need for specialized storage skills.

"I was impressed to see that StorMagic specifically designed their storage system for the SMB market," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "It isn't enough to provide a GUI or intuitive management commands but to think about the holistic experience of implementing a SAN and then managing it for the long term. That is what StorMagic did from the onset, creating an experience with the SMB user in mind."

"Finding an affordable and reliable storage software solution that would work seamlessly with our current Novell servers was challenging," said Jon Edwards, an IT Officer in the Faculty of Mediaeval and Modern Languages and the Linguistics faculty at Oxford University. "Although pricing and ease-of-use are two vital requirements for most educational institutions today, we knew that we couldn't compromise on reliability either. As we look after two faculties at this university, we need to make sure their data are always protected. Sto rMagic's software offered us a network-based data protection solution at the right price."

"StorMagic's goal is to solve SMB users' storage challenges without introducing complexity or the need for additional resources. We have developed a solution for this demanding environment by providing a comprehensive storage management tool that offers a very compelling return on investment," said Hans O'Sullivan, CEO of StorMagic and former co-founder of Eurologic and Elipsan, both acquired by Adaptec. "Through our strategic partnerships with local channel partners, end-users can non-disruptively install the StorMagic software in their current heterogeneous environment while preserving their e xisting investments. Our shared application storage (iSCSI SAN) yields significant financial advantages to end-users, who do not have to purchase additional hardware and software to benefit from comprehensive data migration, consolidation and management."

By using the simple, Windows-based interface of the SM Series, users can get through set-up and configuration in less than ten minutes, without impacting their ongoing activities. The software allows them to logically consolidate all storage volumes into a single pool, making it easier to manage and adapt to their changing business needs. Capacity usage and throughput are monitored, and can be balanced and optimized by dynamically migrating volumes. Data protection is carried out locally using RAID and snapshot technologies for backup, data retention, or compliance purposes. System management can take place both locally and remotely, without the need for on-site IT administrators, making the StorMagic software an ideal solution for s mall businesses and branch offices. The StorMagic software supports Windows, as well as Novell NetWare, Linux (RedHat, SuSE), and Mac OS X.

Pricing and Availability
The StorMagic software is available now through a worldwide network of channel partners at an MSRP starting at US$8,000/£4,000.

About StorMagic
StorMagic is a fast-growing provider of cost-effective storage management software solutions that automate and centralize the management of existing storage resources of small and medium organizations. With an executive team of storage veterans from companies such as Adaptec, Xiotech, and Seagate, the company has brought to market an easy-to-use and highly reliable software with superior data management and migration capabilities, helping organizations protect and manage their mission-critical data. StorMagic has offices in Bristol, United Kingdom, and Bloomington, Minn. For more information, please call (800) 517-5282 or visit

SOURCE: StorMagic