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Stellus Sets New Single-Client Data Storage Throughput Record At 33.2GB/s Sustained Writes

Key-Value Over Fabrics Implementation Breaks Record by an Astonishing 50%+

San Jose, CA /PRNewswire/ - Stellus Technologies, the data platform company that is revolutionizing the way companies capture, store, access, and process the unstructured data, today announced Stellus Data Platform's new industry record for single-client data throughput. Progressive application workloads such as cognitive AI, high-speed microscopy, and volumetric video capture require exponential increases in the amount of data being managed from each client or data source. Sustaining high data throughput rates consistently over time is rapidly becoming a baseline requirement for all unstructured data storage systems. The Stellus Data Platform underwent rigorous testing and was validated by Alliance Integrated Technology, solidifying Stellus and its Key-Value over Fabrics architecture as the optimum choice for modern applications in Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, and computational AI.

The Stellus Data Platform is a high-performance data system for unstructured data that is built around the industry's first Key-Value over Fabrics implementation, enabling independent scaling of capacity and performance. The Stellus Data Platform software leverages Cloud, Core and Edge infrastructures to enable hyperscale throughput for digital enterprises. Key-Value over Fabrics technology combined with application-specific Key-Value Stores can make unstructured data access 5x faster and 50% more resource efficient than other data storage architectures available today.

"We had the goal of using the Stellus Data Platform to exceed previously published numbers for the maximum performance of a single Linux-based NFS client, which was 22GB/s," said Billy Russell, Vice President and CTO at Alliance Integrated Technology. "We definitely exceeded our goal, reaching over 11GB/s higher performance to a single Linux node at 33.2GB/s to a Stellus cluster in a single namespace. The results are amazing and give us capability well beyond 8K workflows, in fact, well into 16k workflows when that technology becomes available. This is an immediate game changer for Media & Entertainment workloads."

Highlights include:

  • Testing/Methodology: The tests were conducted with the Stellus Data Platform software release version 1.0.3. A variety of test tools were implemented, with FIO as the independent measurement, and the test duration was sustained for more than 8 hours.
  • Configuration: The Stellus Data Platform was configured to have 8 Data Manager (DM) instances and 8 Key-Value Store (KVS) instances, each running on standard, off-the-shelf, bare-metal servers. The configuration leveraged Mellanox SN2100 100G switches and ConnectX 5 NICs. Each DM consisted of Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processors @ 2.3GHz, and the KVS nodes consisted of Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6134 processors @ 3.2GHz, each with 12 NVMe SSDs per server.
  • Results: The Stellus Data Platform has a combined performance of up to 80GB/s aggregate bandwidth, and to a single Linux client Stellus achieved 33.2GB/s of sustained write throughput.

"The Stellus Data Platform sets the new standard for data throughput and management of unstructured data. The results we've achieved with Alliance clearly demonstrate the benefit of the platform's innovative scale-through design to satisfy the most demanding customer workloads," said Bala Ganeshan, PhD, CTO and VP of Engineering at Stellus Technologies. "The combination of Key-Value over Fabrics and application-specific Key-Value Store technologies is clearly the undeniable path for modern unstructured data management."

"It's great to see Stellus achieve this record-breaking scale-through performance in a software architecture that is easy to deploy, easy to scale, and easy to manage—without a lot of modifications on the client side. Stellus is a game changer for the industry," said Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "Where optimum single-client throughput matters—as it categorically does in industries such as Life Sciences, Internet of Things, and Media & Entertainment—Stellus represents a welcome step-change in capability." Download the ESG technical validation report.

About Stellus Technologies
Stellus is a leading data systems company that delivers high-performance Key-Value Store technology to solve fast growing unstructured data challenges in the Cloud, Core, and Edge infrastructures. The company's ground-breaking file system architecture combines Key-Value over Fabrics technology with high-performance Key-Value Stores and algorithmic global data placement enabling massive throughput and decoupled performance and capacity to efficiently scale through modern data access challenges.

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