Podcast | January 28, 2008

Podcast: Windows File Server And Storage Consolidation — Optimizing Data Efficiency
With Jeff Day, Hewlett-Packard Company and Stan Gibson, Stan Gibson Communications

Source: Hewlett Packard

Hosting networked storage on Windows file servers has been a popular and effective approach to managing the growing demand for storage. The result: Windows file servers everywhere. This sprawl makes inexpensive systems expensive because of wasted capacity, low utilization rates and sub-optimal availability. By consolidating Windows file servers and storage devices, IT organizations realize substantial savings in management and infrastructure costs while establishing a highly available, independently scalable platform for file services.

Listen to this podcast to learn about consolidating a Windows file serving environment using next-generation Scalable NAS. The benefits of a unified storage environment include:

  • Flexibility to reaollocate resources to meet changing business needs
  • Integrated high availability with no additional cost
  • Planning for painless future storage growth
  • Independently scalable file serving performance and capacity