Podcast | January 10, 2008

Podcast: Who Killed The Storage Industry?

Source: Virtual Iron

The benefits of server virtualization are very clear, but what's often overlooked is the impact it has on users' storage environments. While virtualization increases demand for storage, it also increases the complexity of the storage environment especially as users try to take server virtualization into production and to support advanced use cases like disaster recovery. Existing server virtualization solutions, whose architecture pre-date today's use cases, were not designed to work with shared storage and add additional layers of abstraction and complexity to storage environments. As a result, the value and performance of many storage solutions are being negated for users. Functionality is being duplicated, management tools are being impacted and scalability limited.

In this podcast, Ed Walsh, Virtual Iron's President and CEO speaks about the dramatic impact that server virtualization is having on network storage vendors and end-users. His comments are informed, provocative and pose some important questions for the industry.