News | April 22, 2008

Open-E Data Storage Solution Powers Verari Systems' Blade-Based Storage Appliance

Open-E, Inc., a leading developer of innovative storage management software, announced recently its premiere Data Storage Server (DSS) IP-Storage operating system now powers Verari's SB5165XL StorageServer. Verari's all-in-one unified network attached storage NAS and iSCSI SAN solution is the industry's first high capacity, blade-based storage appliance. Open-E's versatile DSS, an all-in-one, fourth generation OS software for centralized IP-storage management enables the SB5165XL's NAS and iSCSI SAN storage networking functionality, allowing for a comprehensive feature set and simplified manageability.

Verari's high capacity blade-based NAS and iSCSI SAN storage appliance for the Verari Systems BladeRack 2 XL platform is a powerful enabler for storage consolidation and is an effective alternative for enterprises to consolidate server virtualization resources, providing a dramatic improvement in cost of ownership.

Purpose-built for the Verari Systems BladeRack 2 XL platform and the Verari FOREST containerized data center solution, the SB5165XL StorageServer appliance consists of an SB1165XL server blade and up to two SB1056XL disk blades, providing up to 24TBs of RAID 6 protected capacity. A single platform can house up to 24 StorageServers delivering 576 terabytes of unified storage in just two data center floor tiles while a FOREST container solution boasts up to 12 petabytes of capacity.

The iSCSI capabilities of the SB5165XL StorageServer, made possible by Open-E's DSS storage software, simplify the migration of data resident in server blades to networked storage while the StorageServer's NAS-based file services are complementary to its IP network-based services. Applications that require file sharing are ideally suited for the SB5165XL, which may deliver significant ease of use, provide heterogeneous data sharing and enable organizations to automate and simplify their data management.

"We are very pleased to provide the utmost in versatility, robustness and simplicity offered by our DSS storage software in allowing Verari's groundbreaking StorageServer to offer unified NAS and iSCSI storage networking," said Krzysztof Franek, president and CEO of Open-E. "Verari's solution is the first of its kind in the industry, and we are proud to have played a key role in enhancing a revolutionary system, but also one that demonstrates energy efficiency. Verari is a respected name in our space, and our partnership is demonstrative of the industry's leading names putting trust in the capabilities of our blooming DSS solution."

Open-E's DSS is an all-in-one, fourth generation OS software for centralized IP-storage management, combining full NAS and iSCSI SAN functionality. DSS offers outstanding price-to-performance, enhanced manageability, superior reliability and increased productivity for applications ranging from file sharing, storage consolidation, backup and recovery and virtualization to volume replication. The solution supports a wide variety of hardware RAID platforms from the industry's leading names, as well as multiple types of connectivity. The versatility of the DSS also allows the user to combine NAS systems with iSCSI SAN systems, and provides built-in virus protection, as well as allows for the teaming of multiple Network Interface Contollers, including Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Infiniband.

"Our customers need to store ever-increasing amounts of data in both web 2.0 and server virtualization markets. The success of our blade-based storage solutions in these markets is proof that Verari delivers unmatched value through the combination of industry-leading platforms and high density storage and compute systems," said Kevin McGrath, vice president of Verari Systems Storage Group, Verari Systems, Inc. "Our partnership with Open-E allows us to deliver an innovative storage system that leverages our platform's architecture and drives breakthrough economics while providing a feature rich and well-integrated storage networking solution for our customer's businesses."

About Open-E's Data Storage Server (DSS)

Open-E's Data Storage Server (DSS) provides a fast, reliable, and scalable platform for IP Storage and is one of the easiest ways of implementing a NAS server and/or an iSCSI technology in a network. The DSS can be used with all x86 PCs containing USB ports, an IDE controller and an additional SATA controller on the main board or hardware controller. DSS is built on Open-E's industry recognized NAS and iSCSI software technology which is noted for its performance, superior security, stability and management advantages. With DSS, users can cost-effectively and quickly add storage to an existing network, consolidate storage and backups for multiple servers, centralize storage management with optimal performance and data protection, and improve data availability and efficiency. Additionally, DSS can support software RAID, so users can create software RAID over single hard drives or over existing hardware RAIDs.

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About Open-E
Open-E, Inc. is a pioneering leader and developer of IP-based storage management software with headquarters in the United States and Europe. Its DSS, NAS-R3 and iSCSI-R3 product lines, aimed at the SMB and SME markets, enjoy a multi-national reputation for best-in-class performance, flexibility, reliability, scalability and return-on-investment. Open-E GmbH, located in Puchheim near Munich, Germany, houses the company's development and European sales/marketing functions. The company's tested, high-performance software is made simple, allowing system integrators to build massive, stable, secure and easy to use storage systems.

Open-E distributes its products through a worldwide partner network that are established in the storage and networking markets. For more information about Open-E and Open-E products please visit

About Verari Systems
Verari Systems, Inc. is the premier developer of energy efficient data center and desktop consolidation platforms utilizing independent blade-based compute and storage solutions that are defining a new era in the green data center. Verari Systems is a market leader in blade storage and energy efficient platforms. Organizations such as Wachovia, Akamai, Microsoft, Qualcomm, ESPN, CGGVeritas, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Sony Imageworks, as well as top universities and research institutions worldwide, are among the customers who have chosen Verari Systems' line of award-winning high density blade storage and servers, rack-optimized platforms and software solutions. To learn more about Verari Systems and its unique solutions, please visit us on the web

SOURCE: Open-E, Inc.