News | June 21, 2007

National Data Awareness Project To Ensure Businesses Are Remotely Ready Sees 50 Percent Increase In Membership

The National Data Awareness Project, an educational campaign established to address the wide gap between real data vulnerabilities and existing data protection practices at businesses of all sizes, announced recently that its member ranks have increased 50 percent since its initial launch.

The companies joining the initiative to improve the way businesses protect their operations against catastrophic data loss are: Waltham, Mass.-based AmeriVault Corp., the provider of online data backup, offsite storage and recovery services; U.K.-based C2C, a leading enterprise email archiving company; Austin, Texas-based Caringo Inc., inventors and pioneers of content addressed storage (CAS) as the basis for massively scalable storage; Minneapolis, Minn.-based digitiliti, an enterprise service provider; Irvine,Calif.-based Farstone Technology, a leading developer of PC and network-based system recovery solutions; San Jose, Calif.-based Mendocino Software, one of the leading continuous data protection (CDP) provider; Australia-based Moonwalk Inc., an all-inclusive data management/data protection software company; NetEx of Minneapolis, Minn, a leader in high speed data transport over TCP and Remote Backup Systems, Memphis, Tenn., a remote backup software company.

June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season - one that is estimated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to be one of the busiest on record. And for all the preparations that people are making to gear up for fun and frivolity, as many as 71 percent of businesses fail to make preparations for disaster, such as hurricanes, according to a recently released "Disaster Preparedness" survey.

The survey details how just 52 percent of respondents report that they safeguard important files by storing them on a removable media device. Unfortunately, only 11 percent then take that media to an off-site location, leaving their data at risk in the event a natural disaster destroys the business' facility, wiping out all copies of this valuable information.

The NDAP helps businesses of all sizes - ranging from a one-man shop to global enterprises - develop a systematic approach to evaluating their current data protection and DR capabilities, look for weak spots in those existing plans and choose the optimal data protection products, technologies and services to minimize or eliminate their exposure to potential data loss. Further information can be found at:

Jon William Toigo, founder of the Data Management Institute and a widely published expert on data protection and disaster recovery issues, leads the consortium of NDAP members.

For further information about the National Data Awareness Project or to learn more about creating disaster prevention plans for your organization, especially those that back up data which is then taken offsite so that it can be restored from a location not affected by an act of nature or terror, contact Jon Toigo:

SOURCE: National Data Awareness Project