Guest Column | April 18, 2012

Is VDI Relevant To Data Protection? The Answer Is Unequivocally 'Yes'

By Jean-Paul Bergeaux, CTO, SwishData

I tell people all the time that data protection isn’t really just about backup. It’s about restores and how quickly you can get access to your backed up data in the event of data loss. However, in some parts of the IT infrastructure, getting a backup in the first place is a struggle. And not one admins can win.

Desktops are the biggest example. Admins try to backup after-hours, but users turn off desktops, despite directives not to, and put laptops in their bag until the next day. Most desktop admins tell me that, at most, they have a third of the systems online at night. And that isn’t a rotating percentage, so some they will never see on at night.

In response, admins try to kick off backups at times they think people won’t be working. The most common times are during a lunch or Friday afternoon. However, users don’t let that happen either. Backup attempts are refused, turned off, or delayed forever by users.