News | October 24, 2017

ioFABRIC Solves Storage And Data Management Issues For Aeontech

Toronto, ON /PRNewswire/ - ioFABRIC Inc. today announced Aeon Technology Services (Aeontech), one of Australia's leading providers of IT asset management services, has chosen ioFABRIC Vicinity software to solve multiple data storage challenges, including improving performance and extending the life of existing storage assets. With ioFABRIC Vicinity 3.0, Aeontech had a 20 percent boost to performance and backup times.

With offices across Australia, Aeontech provides end-to-end IT lifecycle consulting, management and disposal solutions to vendors, resellers and customers. As such, they are particularly aware of the enormous challenge and expense that traditional storage technologies force onto organizations. Previous storage products locked Aeontech into proprietary platforms or storage silos with a costly – and mostly unnecessary – disk drive replacement schedule every four years.

To break this storage refresh cycle, Aeontech deployed a pilot of ioFABRIC Vicinity. Within two hours, Vicinity created a single storage pool from the company's disparate storage products, non-disruptively absorbing and then migrating data from one system to another without impacting users or applications. Aeontech staff were amazed as hot data automatically moved to RAM or flash storage, and cold data was moved to less-expensive spinning disk. For the first time, Aeontech could fully utilize their storage to drive cost optimization and efficiencies.

"Storage hardware vendors will hate ioFABRIC as it eliminates storage silos, vendor lock-in, and refresh cycles," said Shan Patterson, Aeontech CEO. "ioFABRIC enabled us to use the least-cost storage to deliver the IOPS and performance required for each of our applications. We could dial up and down the IOPS and latency without restarting or rebooting the servers and applications. If you want virtually unlimited performance with your existing storage assets and never want to be 'forced' to spend money on a storage 'refresh,' you need ioFABRIC. It is truly amazing!"

"It is great to see our technology being deployed globally," said ioFABRIC CEO and Co-Founder Steven Lamb. "We believe that data is the core of every business, and storage should enable data – not restrict it. Imagine if hot data was moved to RAM for fastest processing, warm data flowed to flash, and inactive data lived in the cloud or commodity disks, and all data was redundant and had Instant Failover – if a complete storage system failed – there was no disruption to business or downtime – that is what we deliver."

About ioFABRIC Inc.
ioFABRIC Inc. is a data management company whose software delivers a multi-site, multi-cloud data fabric that ensures complete data protection and availability with artificial intelligence and industry-unique cost optimization features. ioFABRIC Vicinity ensures storage is always available, always protected, and always evergreen. Vicinity creates a data fabric supporting applications running on servers, VMs, containers, and clouds. Vicinity is sold through ioFABRIC's reseller and distribution channel, with its powerful LEaD program. Partners sell Vicinity as licensed software or by white-labeling it with additional hardware and/or software. For more information visit

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