News | February 16, 2023

IceWhale Launches Major Update Of Their Open-Source Cloud System

CasaOS is fully compatible with the Docker container ecosystem, with a huge number of apps to choose from

Shanghai (PRWEB) - Today, IceWhale Technologies launched a major update of CasaOS, their simple, easy-to-use, elegant, open-source cloud system that debuted in Q3 2021 and quickly became a top trending item on GitHub with more than 8.3K stars. Users of CasaOS can install, run and manage Docker applications with ease, and host various home entertainment, streaming, network enhancement, and VPN applications for free.

This month’s update includes enhanced storage management capabilities for a unified data management, support for unlimited expansion of storage space using idle hard drives, the addition of 30+ new pre-installed apps to the store, detailed app descriptions and curated options for beginners based on community ratings and usage, and functionality for importing and manually installing additional apps. The update also includes a new feature called “Flexible Dashboard,” which allows users to easily install apps, discover new apps, and control the CasaOS experience via command line interface.

"CasaOS is all about democratizing data and giving service control back to users' hands," said IceWhale founder Lauren Pan, the company behind CasaOS. "This update is a big step towards achieving that goal, with new features and tools that make it easier than ever for users to take control of their home cloud experience."

Instead of splitting data across Dropbox, Google Drive, or hard drivers, users can enjoy a 10x faster file cloud to keep their data both updated and safe, easily syncing between devices, and managing backups, with zero data traffic or subscription fees. In addition to the pre-installed docker based apps, there are also 50+ community-verified apps that can be accessed. CasaOS is fully open-source based on Apache 2.0 and 100% tinker-friendly. The applications also come from the open source community, most of which are free.

"As mobile tech advances, the digital home experience is missing and fragmented. We believe that everyone should have the ability to take control of their home cloud experience, and we’re so excited to share all of the enhancements we’ve made to CasaOS to make it better than ever," continued Pan.

For the full out-of-the box cloud experience, users may purchase the brand’s single board server, called ZimaBoard, which comes pre-installed with CasaOS. Alternatively, CasaOS can be installed on any compatible device (Raspberry Pi, x86 architecture PC/Laptop/Intel NUCs etc.) with just a single line of code.

For more information about CasaOS, or to view the live demo visit Media wishing to interview IceWhale personnel should contact PR agent Borjana Slipicevic.

About CasaOS
Project CasaOS started as a community-based open-source project focused on delivering a simple home cloud experience around the Docker ecosystem. CasaOS aims to redefine the private cloud digital experience for creators and developers through data democratization and enabling everyone to take that goal to a new scale.

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