News | June 18, 2010

Email Off The Record: Non-Documentable Email Technology Gaining Popularity

VaporStream Electronic Conversation Software Proving Effective In Multiple Industries

It is estimated that 1 in 5 outgoing emails contain content that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk for businesses and their employees. But thanks to an increasingly accepted email technology, those risks are vanishing – much like an email typed on VaporStream Electronic Conversation Software.

Unlike e-mail, which is "electronic documentation" VaporStream emails are safe, secure and intentionally not stored or documented—just like a verbal conversation. A VaporStream email conversation does not leave a residual message and vaporizes after it is read. VaporStream emails cannot be cc:ed, forwarded, saved or printed so the conversation remains with the respondents and avoids miscommunication since other people don't see "just one part" of the conversation. A VaporStream conversation uses 256 bit encryption, resides in RAM, and the head and body are separated in transit.

VaporStream helps solves many of the most critical communication and collaboration needs of an organization--that are not being, and cannot be met by e-mail. First, it has most of the advantages of a verbal conversation—but is much more convenient. Second, it reduces the growing expense of e-mail. And, VaporStream minimizes the risk and high cost of miscommunication and litigation. VaporStream is not designed to eliminate e-mail, but to decrease the overall volume of e-mail (and its inherent cost), while fostering better, healthier internal conversations, and reducing the potential cost for litigation.

And it is proving to be impressive in many industries, such as healthcare. In fact, VaporStream was just named a "Cool Vendor In Healthcare Provider" by Gartner, Inc. a leading analyst firm. Why? For accountability and quality of care in the medical profession, many communications within a hospital need to be captured and recorded, and become part of the medical record. However, it is also necessary to have email conversations that should be off the record and private to protect patient confidentiality. VaporStream is recordless and secure.

VaporStream operates in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode and integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and all major mobile platforms like BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc.

"If you need to transfer files or document your communication, send an e-mail," says VaporStream CEO Joseph Collins. "For everything else, use VaporStream."

VaporStream costs $7.50 per month per user. Enterprise pricing varies by size and scope of the company. For more information visit

SOURCE: VaporStream Electronic Conversation Software