News | January 24, 2019

Compuverde Enables University To Consolidate Over 70 Storage Silos Into One Unified Storage Platform

vNAS Solution Unifies Storage Pool for Greater Data Security and Lower Cost

Karlskrona, Sweden /PRNewswire/ - Compuverde today announced that German state tech university Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL University) has scaled out its storage across three campuses using Compuverde's vNAS solution. The software-defined storage solution has produced stronger data security, better performance and lower overhead, administration and maintenance costs.

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Previously, the university had 70 NAS deployments spread across a myriad of small storage islands with no central and secured storage for its important scientific data. The metro cluster storage solution in place lacked support and was expensive to maintain and update.

OWL University needed one unified, scalable storage solution with a global file system that could span all campuses and ensure reduction of overhead, administration and maintenance and improve the quality of backup and disaster recovery.

Compuverde's vNAS solution met those criteria with flexibility and scalability:

  • Flexibility is a key strength: Compuverde's solution allows the university to handle a broad variety of users, IoT devices, VMware deployments and data mining projects.
  • OPEX efficiency increased 300 percent: By using the same hardware for access points and storage for all domains, only one shared overhead is necessary for each campus. With only one system and three storage clusters to manage, Compuverde lowers administration effort by a factor of three.
  • Future-proof scalability: Any standardized hardware can be added so that each will take its share of the total load, automatically balancing the existing hardware and improving performance, IOPS and capacity further.

Carl-Henric Möllerström, vice president, Compuverde, said: "As network storage needs become increasingly complex, the cost and administrative burden can be overwhelming. Our hardware-agnostic vNAS solution makes linear scaling in capacity and performance simple by adding nodes. OWL University's one-petabyte vNAS deployment demonstrates how user-friendly and easy to set up, maintain and upgrade our storage solution is for organizations of any size and industry."

OWL University, Diplom-Ingenieur, Martin Hierling said: "We have tested this storage solution for about a year in our VMware environment. The support team has been very helpful with all the test cases, and all tests showed that Compuverde can handle what we need. It is easy to run, has a high Microsoft compatibility and multitenancy, runs on standard hardware and is endlessly scalable."

About Compuverde
Compuverde is an established provider of software-defined storage, delivering enterprise-grade general vNAS file systems, hyper-converged virtualization and hybrid cloud support. Founded by a team of storage and software experts in 2008, Compuverde delivers cost-efficient, hardware-agnostic, scale-out solutions to both large consumer brands and industrial business-to-business players.

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