News | May 7, 2019

Cloud Constellation Corporation And Fornetix Announce Partnership

Fornetix Will Resell SpaceBelt™ DSaaS With Their Key Orchestration™ Technology

Los Angeles, CA & Frederick, MD (PRWEB) - Fornetix® announced today they have entered into a partnership with Cloud Constellation Corporation to resell SpaceBelt™ Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) combined with their Key Orchestration™ technology to address the security requirements of their enterprise customers.

Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt DSaaS uniquely offers secure, global managed network services and cloud data storage in space to enterprise, government and military organizations. Envisioned as an extension of an organization's enterprise network, SpaceBelt™ DSaaS provides secure, dynamic network and cloud data storage services between any locations on Earth. Utilizing a constellation of ten satellites in low earth orbit (LEO), SpaceBelt™ DSaaS provides the strongest data security possible by providing global isolation of a customer’s high-value, highly sensitive data assets, whether at rest or in motion.

The Fornetix Key Orchestration platform is purpose-built to economically rotate the encryption keys for hundreds of millions of IOT endpoints with little-to-no impact to network performance. Besides Fornetix’s focus into the IoT and financial world, they anticipate applications in the autonomous vehicle, space, and military sectors.

Mark P. Gilroy, Chief Executive Officer, Fornetix Corporation, said: “As a former executive at Loral Space and Communication, it was only natural for me to reach out to that community and develop the Fornetix mission across the emerging LEO and MEO landscape. Partnering with Cloud Constellation Corporation is incredibly exciting because they truly represent what comes next.”

Dennis R. Gatens, chief commercial officer, Cloud Constellation Corporation, said: “Fornetix Key Orchestration is an industry leading solution that, when combined with SpaceBelt DSaaS, will provide enterprise customers with the strongest level of data security and key management scalability for their data whether at rest or in motion.”

About Cloud Constellation Corporation:
A New Dimension in Cybersecurity. Cloud Constellation Corporation’s SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service is a patented, secure space-based global managed network and cloud data storage service that enables the highest level of data security, whether at rest or in motion, for enterprises, governments and military organizations around the world. Additional information is available at

About Fornetix:
Fornetix Key Orchestration is the only enterprise key manager with the capacity and horsepower to manage hundreds of millions of encryption keys, the number required by cutting-edge IoT networks and applications. This unmatched scalability empowers organizations to build a data security strategy with encryption as the bedrock foundation — no compromises needed. Powerful tools for automating the key lifecycle, enforcing cryptographic policies, and rapidly integrating with the most popular IT services and technologies sets a new standard and opens new opportunities for broad encryption deployment. Please visit our website at for more information or to request a complimentary demo.

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